What Millennial/ Gen Z craves for at workplace?

by qbicals

Paradigm has been shifting to transform a workplace to a widened horizon with every
passing year.

As offices and workplaces are being flooded by Gen Z(Born between 1996 and 2010) and
their older counterparts, millennials, the urge to mutate workplace according to them is
growing furiously. Though these generations are different from each other but they
share a common interest for a workplace and are highly selective while going for a

Key considerations Millennials/Gen Z look for:

Integrated Technology
No doubt Millennials have seen dial up connections to high speed Wifi, but Gen Z have
grown to be be technology ingrained in their lives. As time passed, they started to share
a common love, love for technology.
A fast internet connection is more important than food for this tech savvy population.
Including technologies like augmented reality, IoT, virtual reality automatically attracts
this section to the workplace.

Urge to Work Under Great Leadership
When you look at Millennials in particular, they have a desire to the workplace to make
sure if their role has direct impact on the society. Part of this role relies upon tie up with
good leaders. They like to work under a leader who is communicative and listens to their
missions and visions and work upon them.

Lifestyle Offerings
Millennials and Gen Z have ever-changing lifestyles ranging from fitness oriented to
demands for refreshment offerings like gyms, cafes, spas, sleeping pods, bars, etc.
Added offerings like group vacations, reading sessions, fun sessions, comic gatherings
looks like an icing on the cake.

Taking in mind the flavors liked by Millennials and Gen Z, various workspaces are
recreating themselves and some are adapting to them.

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