The era of Coworking and growth in the Indian market

by qbicals
The Era of Coworking

With the majority of the people taking a step ahead in helping people in solving their problems and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship the coworking space market is also growing like a beast.

You can not deny the fact that coworking spaces have grown by 1121% from 2011 to 2017 and the number of members have drastically increased to 1.2 millions from just 43000. This shows how beautifully coworking has evolved in the past 6 years! (Source: cushwake)

coworking trends

Not just this, the pool of coworking is constantly increasing since the day the term was coined
by Bernard DeKoven in 1999. As of today coworking has a potential market size including
freelancers, startups, SMEs, and enterprises.

Indian people have adopted coworking spaces lovingly and are contributing to a majority of the
coworking market share.

Addressable Market Size   Market Size

(Source: JLL Research)

What is the future of coworking?

GCUC and Emergent research have predicted that the coworking spaces will continue to surprise us by gaining a drastic growth of 3.8 million by 2020 and by 2020 they are expected to reach around 5.1 millions. (Shocked? That’s how it’s going to grow).

With this drastic growth coworking is also going to affect the way people work and handle workforce with the bare minimum investment. Coworking is like a boon to the young entrepreneurs and they are also not failing the way the market is growing so believe it or not, coworking has a long way to go.

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