Our Approach

Qbicals is a coworking space situated in the commercial hub of Noida, welcoming Solopreneurs, Small, Medium Enterprises, Freelancers and others looking out for workplace with plentiful amenities and growth opportunities.

It started under the guidance of leading entrepreneurs and Industry mentors from globally who scaled up million dollar operations over the time. If you are in the early bootstrap of your venture then it is an amazing opportunity for you to ramp up your team efficiently.
We’ll take good care of daily chaos related to accounting & other financial activities. Also, managing HR process and conducting employee engagement activities would be our concern only. Get advisory from Industry experts on business growth & strategy. And most beneficial part of joining qbicals is to get fund raising from VC/PE firm at the right time for business expansion.
Have you ever wondered about a place where you are neither bounded by sitting at office desk nor working in isolation from home? If so, then give a try to qbicals now! We support the budding Millennials’ workplace aspiring for Socially Interactive, Technology- Oriented, learning & innovative work environment.

Meet the Team

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Ankur Goel
Ankur Goel


Ankur is serial entrepreneur with the vision to gracefully greet the forthcoming change in the working style of the Millennials/Generation Z. Qbicals is a coworking venture started by this entrepreneur for the budding entrepreneurs. He has rich experience of 10+ years in TAG where he strive many Fortune 500 and Leading IT organization in transforming their Talent Acquisition hiring process and specialize in Executive and Board Search. Ankur is B.Com(H) Graduate from Delhi University and IIM- Kolkata Alumnus.